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third • February

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Runway, Backstage Review

By Studio 39

From Paris, to Milan to New York there is something about Fashion Week that you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement and buzz that surrounds it.  And you don’t even have to attend the shows to be a part of the phenomenon, just watch as the latest style hits the streets of the city, as  models parade on the sidewalk, the bloggers and press by their side snapping away at their every move.

You can just imagine our excitement when THIRTY NINE was invited by Eduard and Kylie, Directors of Velvet Monkey to attend Fashion Week Amsterdam!  The first time to experience both backstage and front row with our incredibly talented hair stylists from Studio39.

Velvet Monkey are no stranger to the world of fashion, not only are they the creative directors for the looks for Fashion Week Amsterdam, running the team and perfecting the looks, but their work has been featured in many International fashion and hair magazines.  A dynamic duo, Kylie and Eduard’s passion is infectious, seeing them at work is mesmerising and there can be no doubt as to why they are in such high demand, particularly back in their own hair studio in Holland.

Backstage the adrenalin is pumping, as mood boards are posted to the walls, the models are prepped and the vision of the Velvet Monkey team and the designers comes to life.  As models line up to take to the catwalk, Eduard, Kevin and the entire team, work till the last second, trimming, combing, spraying...these are true perfectionists at work.  Working both backstage and on the runway is a sport...the moves are planned, choreographed, timed to the very last moment, yet at times the team must react, improvise to respond to any last minute surprises!  

Kevin Smeenk, Head of Hair at Studio 39 and part of the Velvet Monkey Monaco team together with Aga and Stephanie, are masters of colouring and cutting and are part of the backstage team at fashion week.  We were so honoured to follow Studio39 backstage, watching the creativity, technique and passion come to life.  It is true to say that these experiences are unique for each hair stylist and only the most professional and experienced can cope under the pressure of fashion week.  Each look must be meticulously designed, it is truly an art, the result a masterpiece of the hair stylist behind it.  The results, which can be seen in the photos, are testimony to their work.

To book a personal hair consultation and appointment with Kevin, Aga or Stephanie please contact Studio39 on +37793253939 or email studio39@39montecarlo.com


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