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A conversation with Kevin, Head of Hair Studio 39

By Studio 39

So Kevin, tell me a little bit about yourself?

Back in Holland I worked as a top stylist in a luxury salon and worked as a sesion stylist backstage at photo shoots and fashionweeks and also as an educator. Being a hairstylist is my passion and lifestyle, it is what I love the most and what I spend most of my time doing! I moved to the Côte d'Azur from Amsterdam to work at Studio39 by Velvet Monkey and I am certainly enjoying the change in the weather!

You flew back to Stockholm, for a competition in October can you tell us a bit about that?

The competition in Stockholm was for the global color zoom award. It is a competition for hairstylists and color experts from all over the world. It starts with a national competition and if you achieve gold silver or bronze you get an invitation to go to the global competition and battle the other winners from 58 other countries- live on stage. Every year the city where it is hosted turns into a city of hairstylists! More than 6000 hairstylists from all over the world and from all levels come together to inspire eacother and create new trends and find new influences in the world of hair and fashion. This year I won the silver award for colour! I'm really proud that Studio39’s collaboration with Velvet Monkey has created something that can be known worldwide.  

What are the main differences you have noticed between hair styles in Holland and here in Monaco?

The difference here is that a lot of woman wear warmer tones in there hair because of the beautiful weather , and they like a more classic style. What I love about my clients in Monaco is that they have diffent styles throughout the week. Week days they often like to wear their hair more sophisticated or sporty and on the weekend more glam and luxurious. In Holland women like to have a more practical hairstyle, and they don’t dress up for partys and events like the women do in Monaco.

What one thing would you bring over from Holland if you could?

The flat landscape you need to walk so many stairs in Monaco! 

What would be your one top tip for taking care of your hair in Autumn?

After your shampoo and conditioner use the unite 7 seconds leave in conditioner this gives your hair a lot of moisture, long lasting shine and color protection even in the damp weather.

After your autumn color change I would always advise an Olaplex recovery treatment to keep the hair in perfect condition.

For your blowdry use a product with a high hold factor like the 'expanda volume' from Unite it gives you more hold at the roots and together with a bit of the 'blow and set lotion' in the lengths creates an extreme hold - it can be very windy in the autumn!

Finally, my favourite, the sachajuan 'protective hair perfume' freshens hair with a nice smell, reduces static and has a high UV protection...good to use all year round because the autumn sun can be just as damaging as the summer sun!

Do you prefer to style mens hair or womens hair?

Tough question…I prefer both? Can I say that?

With woman you can express a lot of creativity in color and hairstyles with balayage, ombré or baby lights or even by just putting a small twist on a classic style. I also like talking about hair fashion trends with women too.

Men's hair is a real passion and a totally different way of working. To do a good men's haircut, shave, wet shave or a trim is precision work. You need to use the right product for the shave all personalised to the clients skin,

Men's hair needs the same care and maintaince as woman's hair and sometimes people forget that. A lot of men in Amsterdam are coming more often than you think, some come every day for their shave or trim but most of them come in twice a week. I like it when men are coming in in the morning for their shave and trim or haircut before they start their day, I know that they then feel confident and ready to make more of their day

What makes you happiest in your job?

We give every guest the most honest advice and guidance to create their own style, it's what really makes me happy. Together with my wonderful team we want to share with everyone the Velvet Monkey way and give people a taste of our passion. Give the hair a personalized  treatment with a relaxing head massage, giving you a brand new feeling. I also love helping people with the condition of their hair. If I can give some of my passion, giving guests honest guidance for their hair and every time they visit it doesn't matter if you’re a men or woman, old or young.

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