Enjoy life at THIRTY NINE

Our Philosophy

The world of sport encompasses over and beyond the simple aspects of performance, it covers many other notions. Such as challenging yourself, but also beauty, well-being and the opportunity to meet and exchange with like-minded individuals.

Inspiring Change

Our vision

THIRTY NINE is not just a gym, it's a lifestyle, inspired by sporting excellence

An exclusive club where you can design your own personal roadmap and improve your quality of life. You can experience a holistic programme of fitness, wellness, nutriton and beauty.

We have installed the best equipment in the world and work with highly talented, passionate and educated professionals.

Train like a champion, eat like a nutritionist, party like a rockstar...we promise to be the best, so that you can too.


Something extraordinary & beautiful

Simple & intricately patterned

Something new

Member Benefits

Your new home from home

Be inspired, meet with like minded individuals and embrace our philosophy to improve and enjoy life to the full..



State of the art facilities & equipment, bespoke wellness app

Innovative menu designed by sports nutritionists and top chefs

Treatments for relaxation and recovery, from sport and daily life
Studio 39

Open all year round, accessible 7 days a week, morning to evening

Skilled leaders and network of experts to help you achieve results

Unlimited supply of purified, mineralised ionic water to boost metabolism

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