What is Light Stretch Fusion?


Light Stretch Fusion, is a complete full-body functional mobility restoration system combined with Light Therapy, Aromatherapy and Auriculotherapy.

It’s a movement-based program using gentle 3D mobilization integration techniques, along with rocking rhythmic movements and passive stretching.

Assisted Stretching

AST is a form of massage table-based assisted stretching that focuses on the fascia, joint capsule and nervous system to achieve optimal range of motion, pain relief and performance.

Different from stretching at home, practitioner-assisted stretching is a personalized routine performed by trained practitioners.

Light & Relaxation Combined

The PSiO inevitably guides the mind through different states of awareness. The sounds and lights produced quickly invade auditory and visual sensory zones. Rumination stops automatically to give way to the contemplation of colored visual scenes.

The mind is kept at the edge of sleep but remains conscious. The state has certain particularly interesting properties: it is known to be favorable to suggestion because the mind is more permeable. It is also known to be excellent for recuperation because, in this state, the mind and awareness are completely at rest. There is a sense of renewed resources.

Sense of smell links emotion & memory

Smelling an essential oil can stimulate the limbic system, a set of complex yet interconnected structures in the brain that help regulate our emotional experiences, including our stress levels and motivational drive.

This can result in a change in the body’s neurochemistry.

For example, the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin can ultimately enhance mood while reducing anxiety.



If you are looking fot Better posture, Improve mobility, Stress management, Prevent back pain, Improve sleep disorder, Boost mental acuity & Fight seasonal depression. Discover the treatment in the botton below.

Join the stretch evolution


Stretch Practitioner Training Certification is conducted by Master Practitioner in our state-of-the-art Club 39 facility.

Light Stretch Fusion focus on training, means we get you in the zone with everything stretch while continuing to provide guidance and training throughout your entire stretch journey with you from the beginning and beyond.

Contact Us

Rudy Guillard

Rudy, has been in health and fitness industry for the last 15 years. 

Former international gymnast,  he is passionate about the human body and wants to be the best asset for his clients, he has been thriving to keep learning and improving his skills. 

For him our emotions are strongly linked to the way we move and an often-ignored channel of communication is posture. For all these reasons understanding how a body moves and reacts with its environment give him a total different vision in his approach because he knows he can have a bigger impact than just make someone fitter and/or leaner.

Through the years, Rudy transition to a more 360 approach, specializing his practice, taking the body as a whole system, offering now the ability to develop new services like the Light Stretch Fusion working on stress management, sleep disorders and general stiffness, as well as now supporting his clients with Master Coachings.

As he like to say, “emotions are led by motion” and "emotion guides our actions" He is convinced that postural disturbances are linked to psycho-emotional trauma