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Curious to discover how professional athletes train, eat and recover...

We provide great insight into the world of professional sport, with a first hand experience. 

Our focus is on improving our member’s wellbeing with a holistic personal training programme, personalised treatment offering and optional nutritional plan.



Personal Coaching Programmes

For all Levels

Our team are qualified in the fields of medicine, surgery, osteopathy, physiotherapy, nutrition, recovery, sleep, sports science and psychology.

Head of Sport

Rudy Guillard

"Reclaim your nature."

My main motivation is to inspire and educate people to see their own body as an amazing locomotion instrument. I used to be a gymnast member of the French gymnastic team before becoming personal trainer.

If you are looking for/to:

  • Improve Your Mobility, Your Nutritional Habits & Post Rehabilitation
  • Decrease Back Pain
  • Lose Body Fat & Improve Your Posture
  • Learn New Skills with Your Body (Ex. Gymnastics)
  • Get Stronger to Play Sports

To ask any question or book an assessment, please contact  

Head of Pilates

Nevena Masic

"There is only one body you have to live in, so take good care of it."

Struggling with a poor posture derived from injuries, I was spending a lot of time and energy trying to overcome this. I was sure that there has to be a different way to do it. I was and I still am on the way to discovering it.

If you are looking for/to:

  • Improve Posture, Movement Patterns and/or Breathing Techniques
  • Increase Body Biomechanical Awareness
  • Manage Stress,
  • Improve Nutrition and Overall Wellbeing

To ask any questions or book an assessment, please contact 

Personal Trainer

Jerry Monier

“No pain no gain.”

I've participated and won many international professional challenges, including the 2001 Europe Cup in Shoot Boxing, 2003 Copa do RJ in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 2004-2006 Open France in Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, winner of the UGC belt in Ultimate Generation Combat (selected to TUF / UFC), and qualified for the ADCC 2010 in Submission.

If you are looking for/to:

  • Improve your boxing, Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling or submission
  • Improve flexibility & stretch
  • Lose fat

To ask any questions or book an assessment, please contact

Personal Trainer

Benjamin Ruet

"It never gets easier, you just get better"

Since 2018 I was a professional American football player. I participated in the French Championship and the Europa League with the Nice team.

No matter your goal, mine is to aid you in achieving it by finding what you enjoy doing and what regime is best for you. Let’s celebrate your victories, and since you are here, it is already a win.

If you are looking for/to gain muscle mass, gain strength, lose fat, improve speed and coordination, nutritional advice or ask any questions or to book an assessment, please contact me on

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