Member Benefits

Life Begins at THIRTY NINE

Be inspired, meet with like minded individuals and embrace our philosophy to improve and enjoy life to the full.

Your new home from home has many benefits waiting to be discovered...




State of the art facilities & equipment, bespoke wellness app

Innovative menu designed by sports nutritionists and top chefs

Treatments for relaxation and recovery, from sport and daily life
Studio 39

Open all year round, accessible 7 days a week, morning to evening

Skilled leaders and network of experts to help you achieve results

Unlimited supply of purified, mineralised ionic water to boost metabolism

Application process

You are just a few steps away from starting your life at THIRTY NINE. Members may be referred or apply directly. Please complete the membership form or contact us for more information.

Types of Membership


You can apply for a one year membership, individually or as a couple and for frequent travellers, 30 days to be used throughout the year

27 & Under Full Annual Individual Membership

Full Annual Individual Membership

Full Annual Couple Membership

Personal Training Membership (Fee Entrance €2200 + 30 PT Sessions €2700)

30 days sport floor access / 1 Year

Full Annual Individual Social Membership

Full Annual Couple Social Membership

Membership rules & Regulations

Read our rules and regulations in the link below.

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