Take care of yourself


Good health depends on many factors and sometimes the different systems of the body go out of balance.

The body then sends, at first, signals, such as fatigue, depression, digestive problems..., and if nothing is corrected, illness.

Functional biology provides a measure of the functioning state of metabolic and endocrine systems and their interactions. This biology is part of prevention and allows the health professional to prescribe appropriate advice for an approach that is both personalized, predictive, and preventive.

Dr Thomas Kilian

Expert in nutrition, Dr. Killian has been practicing traditional medicine combined with natural medicine for more than 10 years.

He is recognized for his support around weight loss, microbiota problems, anti-aging medicine and sports nutrition.

Checkup Prevent


The PREVENT check-up allows us to analyse 4 essential aspects of your metabolism: Firstly, by looking for the presence of low-grade inflammation, which is responsible for most modern diseases, but also by looking for insulin resistance, which is responsible for weight gain and the risk of diabetes in the long term. This assessment also analyses the fatty acid balance, i.e. the balance between good and bad fats in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases and premature ageing of the body. And finally, a food