Membership rules & Regulations


  • The objective of the club is to provide a social hub/home away from home for members whilst offering services to enable them to lead a balanced lifestyle.



  • Applicants must be 18 years or older to apply

  • Application forms are available online, by email on request to, or at the club’s front desk.

  • All applicants must complete the application form in full if they are to be considered for membership.

  • If our membership reaches full capacity then your application may be placed on a waiting list before being granted full membership, we will notify applicants of any delays due to review.

  • The entrance schedule to the club is as follows: 8am to 7pm and weekends


2.2 FEES
  • Membership is for a minimum of one year and renewable thereafter on an annual basis.

  • Thirty Nine reserves the right not to renew any membership.

  • Annual membership fees are payable immediately, without any right of withdrawal.

  • The club reserves the right to amend the annual fee at any moment

  • Members will be notified of any change in membership fees 3 months prior to the date of renewal.

  • Failure to pay the annual subscription (or any installment) within one week of the due date will result in non admission to the club.

  • Monthly debit is available on request only, for specific membership options only and with additional bank fees. Agreement to the monthly debit rules is mandatory.


  • Thirty-Nine has set up a lock system on the following doors: dining, sport, changing rooms and members lounge for safety reasons.

  • Each member will have to download Club 39 Mobile App in order to get access to the facilities.

  • The access to Thirty-Nine will be linked to the member’s phone.

  • Access will be activated the day of the membership payment.

  • Any lack of membership fees payment will cancel the access, without notice.

  • The access through the app is an individual access for members’ only. Any guest can enter by using or purchasing a guest day pass (ref. paragraph 5.1).


  • Members can credit their membership card to be used as a payment method throughout the club in order to enjoy:
    ○ A 5% discount at 39 Dining (not available for events organization).
    ○ Preferential rates at Studio 39 for the services and 5% for the products.
    ○ Credit is non-refundable.
    ○ A printed statement of a member’s account is available upon request at the front desk.


  • By submitting a membership application individuals agree to be bound by these rules.


  • Members are welcome to refer new members.

  • Applicants referred to by a member shall be treated as a priority by our membership department.

  • In case, the applicant is accepted, the referent member will receive a special benefit from the club.


  • Any member wishing to resign their membership may do so without any possible refund.

  • Members can cancel their membership, however, it can be transferred to a third-party on a pro rated basis of the unused period with justification of documentation for force majeure (death, long-term illness, hospitalisation of more than one month, or moving outside a 100km radius of Monaco)

  • No Membership freeze is available during the 12 months of Membership.

  • Requests to transfer a membership must be made by addressing a RAR letter to ‘Membership department Thirty-Nine’.

  • Documentation may be requested for force majeure or a standard cancellation.


  • Members shall be notified 1 month prior to the renewal date of membership by email.

  • Any membership that is not canceled shall be liable for payment until notification is received and shall be subject to the terms stated in 2.7.

  • Upon renewal of membership a SEPA mandat must be completed and returned to the club to enable the direct debit of membership fees (for monthly debit options only).

  • A member can suspend membership only in case of illness (with medical certificate) for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 2 months per year.


  • In the event that membership is terminated for an infraction to the club rules no refund of membership fees shall be granted.


  • Each member has to take into consideration the rules of behavior on the sports floor.

  • Gathering in the gym is not allowed.

  • We remind you that the gym is only dedicated to the practice of sports (Flip, Jump... are not allowed).

  • A gym package is valid for a period of 3, 6 or 8 months, depending on the selected package (please see the training packages document).

  • The package is non-refundable.

  • The gym package must be paid in advance. A Coach will refuse a session if the member does not have time/sessions left in the package.

  • Any unpaid session will generate denied access to the Club (disabled access app).

  • An email will be sent from the front desk when a package is almost finished, in order for another one to be purchased shall the member decide to pursue private lessons.

  • Cancellation of a private coaching session, within 24 hours of the original session, will be charged at the full rate.

  • Any alterations to a coaching session will be subject to availability and if made within 24 hours of the original session, may still result in a cancellation and therefore charged at full rate.

  • If members do not cancel and do not turn up for the class, members are marked as “absent”, after 3 occasions their booking rights will be suspended for 15 days.

  • If you can no longer attend a group class, please cancel within 2 hours of the class to allow waiting members to participate in your place.


  • The members lounge is accessible for members and their guests.

  • Social space like members lounge are open to socialize.

  • Children under 16 cannot access the members lounge without being accompanied by an adult.

  • The blue room is accessible only on request, upon availability and by booking at the front desk or to our events department: by paying rental fees.



All members must adhere to the member’s and guest’s privacy. The club reserves the right to suspend or terminate a membership shall any member be found to violate the privacy rules. Whilst we strive to create a relaxed social atmosphere to enable members to network, members shall not actively solicit other members for business purposes.

  • Members must ensure they provide the club with personal details, including a photo for our membership database.

  • All members must return a completed membership form no later than one month following their inscription.

  • If any personal details (including bank details) for monthly debit change at any time, the member must inform the club immediately.

  • All personal information is stored in our database, and never printed nor shared with any third party.


  • Thirty Nine has a strict no press policy. Members shall not bring any press into the club without prior consent.

  • Photography is permitted in the club however no other person shall be photographed or appear in the background of a photograph without prior consent.

  • Members will be held accountable if they (or their guests) disclose or identify any other members or guests at any time on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on personal blog’s without prior consent.

  • Members and their guests must refrain from disclosing information about any events in the members areas of the club.


  • To protect the relaxed environment of the club, we kindly ask members to be courteous when using phones in the club.

  • Cell phones must be on silent in order to respect a good environment dedicated to the practice of sports.

  • Texting is permitted and calls must be kept to a minimum and conducted in a discreet manner.

  • Any lengthy calls should be taken out to the terrace areas of the club or outside.

  • Phones are not allowed during group classes.



  • All members during each visit to the club and prior to leaving the club shall sign off or pay in full for all charges incurred whether in respect of food, beverages or services for themselves and their guests.

  • Shall any bill remain unpaid at the closure time of the club (9pm), the club reserves the right to debit the membership card of the member and he/she will be informed by email (the bill will be available at the front desk if requested).

  • No member shall remove (except with express permission), damage or destroy any picture, item of furniture or any other article (including books and newspapers) which are the property of the club.

  • In the event of theft/damage to the property the member shall be fully responsible for handling all loss suffered by the club as a result.

  • Property entrusted by a member or their guest to a member of club staff for safekeeping, or left on club premises, shall be at the member’s own risk, the club shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind.


  • Thirty Nine’s dress code is ‘Effortless Chic’.

  • Please ensure all guests remain stylish and elegant when visiting the club.

  • Please ensure sneakers are clean at all times when worn in the club.

  • Each member must assess their own cleanliness and hygiene prior to entering the social areas.

  • The management/staff reserve the right to refuse entry due to lack of cleanliness/hygiene.


  • Smoking is not permitted within the club at any time (including electronic cigarette), but permitted outside on the terrace.

  • Thirty Nine reserves the right to prohibit/limit smoking in any area of the club at any time.

  • Thirty Nine reserves the right to designate certain areas as smoking areas and change the location of such areas at any time.


  • No member or guest shall use, possess or distribute illegal substances whilst on the premises.

  • If any of the above are detected, membership shall be terminated immediately.


  • In consideration of our neighbours, members are required to leave the premises quietly at all times and to ensure the quiet departure of their guests.

  • The curfew on all outside spaces is 10pm. Any noise audible from balconies that may be considered a disturbance to our neighbours will be addressed by management and your cooperation will be required.



Thirty Nine reserves the right to alter the guest entry policy at any time.


  • Members are permitted to sign two guests into the social areas at all times.

  • If members wish to bring more guests, they may do so by calling the front desk to check availability.

  • Guests may not stay in the social areas unless accompanied by a member.

  • Guests may not enter the members only areas of the club without a guest pass.

  • Members are responsible for their guests’ behaviour whilst in the club.


  • Members will receive 5 complimentary guest day passes per year.

  • A guest may not visit more than once with a complimentary guest day pass.

  • Guests have all members rights for the duration of their guest pass (not including guest sign in).


  • Thirty Nine was designed for adults, children are permitted to enter the club as the guest of a member on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays until 7pm.

  • Children are permitted during school and public holidays.

  • Any member using services provided by the club for children agrees to follow the rules for said service/activity.

  • We remind you that children under 18 years old do not have access to group classes.


  • Thirty Nine operates a strict no pet policy with the exception of:
    ○ Seeing eye dogs which are permitted at all times.
    ○ Dogs that are kept on the leash.
    ○ Small dogs, which are permitted in the dining area/terrace.
    ○ Larger dogs, which are permitted on the terrace, at the management’s discretion.

  • Staff have the right to request a member to leave the club if their dog disturbs other members or the club atmosphere.



  • All complaints or feedback should be made either to the membership department by email or by completing a feedback form at the front desk.

  • No member shall reprimand a member of club staff.



  • Luggage may not be stored at the club.

  • Locker keys must be returned to the front desk upon departure from the club.

  • In the event that a member loses a locker key a charge of 50€ will be applied for the replacement.

  • The club may not receive post for any member.

  • Members can’t leave personal belongs in the club. We decline any responsibility of that.



Conduct that is prejudicial to the reputation of Thirty Nine may result in suspension or termination of membership. Such behaviour may include:

  • Violent or abusive behaviour, communication of information concerning the affairs of members or their guests to third parties or the media. Any member who has had their membership terminated may not return to any part of the club (including the Studio) as a guest.