Group Classes


1. Booking starts 72 hours prior to the class start time, and members can book via the Club’s app up to 10 minutes before class time if the waitlist hasn’t closed.

2. The class booking window is closed from 23:55PM to 6:30AM in all time zones, each day. During this time frame, members will not be able to book or waitlist any class, but they can cancel their reservations.

3. The Reformer class has a limitation of 6 booking per month with the option of buying Semi-private package.

4. The Group class schedule can be subject to some changing and or cancellation based on different criteria from feedback of our members, popularity and demand. 

5. Members can cancel an existing reservation up to 3 hours before the start of the class without penalty. If they cancel less than 3 hours prior to the start of the class, they will receive a Late Cancel.

6. To avoid receiving a No-Show, members must check in with instructors.

7. All spots in bookable classes are available for online reservation, and once filled, online reservations for the class will close 10 minutes prior to the start of the class.

8. Members without reservations can sign up for the waiting list for potential last-minute openings in the class. If a spot becomes available, they will be automatically added to the class and notified by email. Please only add yourself to the waiting list if you are confident that you can attend the class if a spot becomes available. Members are requested to regularly check the app for any updates or changes

9. Members who accumulate three (3) Late Cancels and/or No Shows will not be able to make online reservations for a period of one (1) week

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